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Q How many driving lessons will I need?

A There is no easy answer as everyone is different. The older a person the more lessons they will usually need.

At 20 years of age a person may need between 20 - 40 hours tuition. At 30 years of age a person may need between 30 - 60 hours tuition. However an individual could take less or substantially more lessons to be ready for a driving test.

Q How often should I go out on lessons?

A As much as possible! We recommend at least one 2 hour lesson per week. More if possible! The more you drive the more experience and confidence you will gain.

Q Are intensive courses any good?

A Yes. But don't expect to be definitely able to pass a driving test at the end of the course. Some people can but others will require further lessons. Remember 20 or 30 hours tuition in a 2 - 3 week period is the equivalent to 20 - 30 weeks tuition at 1 hour per week. An intensive course means you will gain experience and confidence in a shorter time scale and learn in a few weeks what would take months.

Q How can I learn to drive quickly and cheaply?

A Read and re-read the Highway Code and any other good driving books. If you can legally drive another car this will help supplement your professional driving lessons.

If you can't afford regular driving lessons don't waste your time and money taking a few lessons in the vain hope that you will pass a driving test.

If you can't afford to pay for lessons you can't afford to run a car. Even a cheap car could cost 50 or more per week for road tax, insurance, MOT, petrol and servicing.

Q How can I choose a good Driving School?

A Look at our Do's & Don'ts page and our warning page concerning Unqualified Instructors.

Q Why do Driving Schools prices vary?

A Some Schools use older cars rather than newer ones and diesel cars rather than petrol.

Some Schools use trainee driving instructors and others will change your instructor without any notice.

Some instructors hardly advertise and some trade illegally (see our page on Unqualified Instructors).

Ask yourself why the lessons are cheaper and don't confuse cheapness with good value. Consider the quality of the tuition.

Q Can I take a driving/riding test without a Theory Test Certificate?

A A theory test certificate is now required by all persons wishing to take a practical driving test.

This means that someone wishing to take a car test and a motorcycle test would require a theory test for both vehicles (two separate theory test certificates).

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