Do's Don'ts

Do get instructions from a D.O.E approved driving instructor (A.D.I)

Don't get instructions from an unqualified person posing as an instructor

Do ask the instructor for their ADI License

Don't take No for an answer

Do shop around for friendly advice

Don't expect "cheap" lessons to be good lessons

Do find out about the type and age of car

Don't take lessons in a "scraper"

Do learn in a petrol car (then you can drive either petrol or diesel when you pass)

Don't learn in a diesel car unless you really have to (as it could cause problems with your coordination of accelerator and clutch if you then buy a petrol car later)

Do make sure you get value for money (does the lesson last 1 hour)

Don't be fooled by "cheap", "short" lessons

Do get recommendations from friends and family

Don't pay large sums of money to strangers "sample" their work first

Do choose the car that suits your needs (manual or automatic gearbox)

Don't be forced by peer pressure to choose one type of car (sample and see)

Do get on the road and enjoy driving (Ignore MP. John Prescot)

Don't Give Up

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